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IRPA: Intelligent Automation and Legacy Systems

The world is changing faster than ever before! I never forget this phrase, since I heard it in one of the fastest growing and ethical organizations. It put me in thoughts for more than 2 years. Why that was necessary to highlight in every discussion or meeting? The fact; if you get into the market products today offered at the

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RPA and #FutureOfWork

How can RPA help shape the next era? In the last few decades we’ve witnessed different technological trends unfold; cloud-first era, mobile-first, web-first. Now in 2018, we’re already living in an automation-first era. Industry experts predict that there’s nothing can stop it to become more and more apparent in the coming years.There doesn’t seem to be an acceptable point in

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BPA: What is Business Process Automation?

Definition Business Process Automation (BPA), also known as Business Automation or Digital Transformation, is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. It streamlines the businesses for; Simplicity, Achieve Digital Transformation, Increase Service Quality, Improve service delivery with a less cost, It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization. Overall, it is a “concept” to bring significant productivity

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