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How can RPA help shape the next era?

In the last few decades we’ve witnessed different technological trends unfold; cloud-first era, mobile-first, web-first. Now in 2018, we’re already living in an automation-first era. Industry experts predict that there’s nothing can stop it to become more and more apparent in the coming years.
There doesn’t seem to be an acceptable point in the next 3 or 8 years where everybody’s going to say, this is the end of it; that’s all we will automate.

Robot for every person

In the past, Bill Gates had the vision to put a computer on every desk. Now, in the automation first era, the industry has the vision to enable every person to create a robot for himself – ‘Robot for every person’. A dream that will power a new breed of business operations along with the emergence of a new paradigm of work. This is how the world’s leading RPA provider (UiPath) puts it.

RPA + Forward looking mindset = Future of work

When it comes to digital transformation, RPA has a big role. For one, RPA allows to digitize anything that anyone can think of with little to no business disruption. Furthermore, enterprise RPA is built on top of five strong pillars. This includes Open Platform, Rapid Results, Path to AI, Scalability and Security.
Thereby, for an organization to survive in the future, RPA is not a nice to have, but a necessity. Together, people and robots are going to redefine what the future of work is going to be like.

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