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RPA Strategy

As on organization, no matter what scale you should be careful on advice was given to you by any providers.

One of the very big mistakes defined as a root-cause of unsuccessful RPA implementation in the organization that they have tried to fit RPA without considering organizational boundaries.

For the successful RPA implementation, there are areas which must be carefully assessed and understood by the organization before approaching any externals/internals on RPA;

  • How the organization set up? 
  • What current systems used to operate?
  • What IT supports/constraints are existing?
  • What is business expectations from RPA? or how to define it?
  • What operational data used in automation?
  • How is my employee profiles? How to ensure they are contributing and motivated for RPA?
  • Are the organizational processes available for the change?

And many more questions which will help you to first understand what to consider while asking for external support. Otherwise, one of the biggest waste currently happening as an organization when you pay for external providers for anything related to RPA.

For instance, assessing organization processes whether it’s feasible for automation or not? It’s complete waste of money as all organization has possibility to automate business processes!!

If we talk about bringing efficiency to business, first we must be effective on what we are doing.

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