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Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence trend have been extending its market shares rapidly. Therefore, most of the big size companies are investing in implementation. And almost all companies have use cases to leverage automation. That’s why some of the automation experts came together to share their experience in implementing RPA and AI to across the various organizations and industries.

It’s a free blog where you can get a high-level of understanding of RPA and AI at practice.

The fact: Current service and/or technology providers are highly costly, which is causing the market not to grow as fast as expected. Also, it is causing medium and small size companies, not to invest in automation due to low Returns on Investment.

Mission: Collecting RPA and AI market best practices under one umbrella and serving to the public free of charge, which will lower the cost of implementation.

Vision: Becoming one of the leading blogs when it comes to Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, and Digitalization Strategy.


Erhan Ok
Global RPA/AI Practice Manager
Erhan has been working on Intelligent Automation field for more than 2 years and in overall more than 10 years for IT, Change Delivery, Transformation teams at financial and manufacturing industries. His passion is helping organizations to build up the right RPA (Intelligent Automation) strategy and define steps to scale up their RPA by harmonizing with Artificial Intelligence and/or workflow platform. He truly believes in the value of automation is not only productivity, but it is also contributing to employee happiness and high motivation.
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Nikolas Sommer
Digitalization Enthusiast

Nikolas studied engineering and business administration with a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and IT. He has experience in programming of e-learning materials, process management in e-commerce and sales operations in global companies. Currently, he is completing his management trainee program with a focus on digital transformation in the marketing & sales of a leading player in the electrification and robotics industry.

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