Monthly Archives: March 2019

Automate or improve first?

A question worth discussing During a recent visit to an RPA conference the discussion turned to the question in the title: “Should we automate our processes, or should we improve them first?”. Some participants stated that before automating a business process it is important to make sure it’s already optimal. It’s hard to argue with that. This goes along with

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How to select the process for automation?

Business Process Automation always starts with selecting the process and continue with designing and deployment. In most of the organizations, you might face certain blockers in the selection stage of the process. As an example; “first standardize, after automate“. In such cases, it usually slows down the automation implementation. As the result, we can’t realize productivity gains out of automation

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IRPA: Intelligent Automation and Legacy Systems

The world is changing faster than ever before! I never forget this phrase, since I heard it in one of the fastest growing and ethical organizations. It put me in thoughts for more than 2 years. Why that was necessary to highlight in every discussion or meeting? The fact; if you get into the market products today offered at the

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